These are my five favourites for this week. The cold weather is starting to get to me and I’m definitely not liking it. 

1. Grey Nails
Even though this trend has been present for a few years, recently it’s gone up in popularity. I’m not such a fan of the lighter greys, but the darker ones are definitely a winter must. (Image via

2. Brown Smokey Eyes
My staple, go-to makeup look is a smokey eye, but lately, I’ve been trying to do a different, lighter take on it. A version of the smokey eye with brown creates a much more day friendly look and is still va-voom without being quite as intense. This set from Sephora is a definite must. The colours are gorgeous and the pigment is rich. (Image via

3. Mirrored Pieces
Even though this coffee table is to die for, I’m currently obsessed with mirrored pieces as a whole. Mirrored nightstands, desks, picture frames are all great ways to make a room instantly chic. I have my mirrored pieces paired in white rooms with simple dark accents. Beyond gorgeous. Although some pieces can be expensive, try scoping out a local vintage furniture store and do DIY fix up. (Image via

4. Starbucks Christmas Cups
I don’t even have to explain this one. The day christmas cups come out is one of the happiest of the year, even though it finally signifies the coming of winter. However, these cups (especially what’s inside of them) definitely help to keep me warm during these frigid winter months. (Image via

5. Faux Chinchilla Throw
The trend in faux fur doesn’t only stop at jackets and vests - this throw is amazing. It is the ultimate in comfort and luxury. Faux fur throws are a great way to add some texture to either your bed or couch. They are great for those cold nights where you just want to cuddle and watch a movie. (Image via


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